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Primed Walls & Leveled Floors!

The milk house studio is coming along SO fast! Well actually it just seems fast to you, but to me, I've been waiting for what feels like years. It's only been two weeks since the project started so I'd say we are making good timing. Here's a snapshot of everything that's happened since the last update!

1. The exterior door (by the road) was replaced, I am going to paint this then post a picture!

2. The second room floor was leveled! This was a big job, literally over 6 inches of concrete had to be poured to get the floor even.

3. The well room has been officially blocked off, no more snakes, no more anxiety, a lot less moisture, a lot happier studio.

4. The walls and ceilings have been primed! Because we are painting concrete, using a primer is essential otherwise the paint will just peel/chip right off the walls, no bueno.

The only things left to do are paint, level the first room, lay the tile, and replace the windows! I am hoping it will be move-in ready by the end of the week. I am getting an electrician to come out this week to give me an estimate, but for the time being I can run power from the barn... a little ghetto, but it will do.

I am also working on building my own wood & black pipe desk and work bench. If anyone wants to donate a window A/C unit, a dehumidifier, some light fixtures, etc. Just let me know, I'll trade you for some signs, lol.

Stay tuned!

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