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Learning faux calligraphy allows you to create modern calligraphy using any writing tool you feel comfortable with. I can teach you how to pick up a sharpie, your favorite pen or even a crayon to create beautiful calligraphy totally unique to you, the artist! 

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The workshops are 3 hours long and can be hosted at your home or

Materials provided:

- Gold Embossed Personalized Pocket Folder 

- 2 Writing Pens

- Lesson Guide

- Lower Case & Upper Case Alphabet

- Practice Sheet of Greeting Card Sayings

- 3 Greeting Cards

- Tracing Paper 

Coffee and water is provided.

Calligraphy is my passion and the more ways I can share and teach it the happier it makes me. If you are looking for lessons whether it's one on one teaching or hosting a calligraphy party with your best friends- I'd LOVE to! Just contact me below for more details and we will set up a time and place.

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