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200 year old milk house

Hey Ya'll!

So, my signs and materials have been slowly taking over the house. A yardstick here, a level there, a piece of plywood over there and 14 paintbrushes scattered in between. After a chat with my gal pal, Amy, (an established artist who just radiates talent) she emphasized the importance of having a studio separate from where you live. Which REALLY got the ideas flowing...

I initially thought I would buy one of those cottage/garden sheds you see at Home Depot. They're adorable and I could just plop one down anywhere on the farm! But, they don't have electricity, thus are a challenge to heat & cool (womp, womp), Then I got the idea I could renovate the top of our barn, an idea which my dad literally said "no" to before I could even sell my pitch. The biggest issue with the barn would be keeping it climate controlled and keeping the rain out. I would need a warm, dry studio year round. Therefore, top of the barn was now officially off the possibility list.

My dad did shoot down my top of the barn idea, but he made up for it by suggesting the milk house! Say what?! Why didn't I think of that?! The milk house is an oldie, but goody. It has 200 year old concrete foundation and walls, with wood siding, and tin roofing. It has 3 rooms, and back in the day it was used to store milk from the cows. It is sturdy, dry, and small enough to easily keep room temperature year round! Plus it has electricity and water (sorta!) - a total jackpot!

​Now all I need to do is clean it out, fix the 5 windows, seal or replace the 3 doors, sand down and repaint the ceiling, throw down some new flooring, bring it to life with lots of paint, and give it LOTS of patience & love! I will be posting some inside pictures soon, so stay tuned! Ps. It use to be a very short-lived childhood fort, so you won't want to miss the rainbow paint pallet I chose for it when I was in middle school.

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