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the next steps

5 gallons of sweat later and the studio is finally cleaned out! Treasures found: Mildewed beanbags, a mickey mouse chair, a broken beatbox and countless pictures of Abercrombie models. Needless to say, I won't be upcycling any of those gems and I'm planning on making the dumpster trip today!

While I was cleaning it out, I had plenty of time to decide what the next steps would be and I think after seeing the pictures, you'll agree these are the must do's.

1. There are 6 windows in the studio, but only two need to be fixed, I think I'll go the cheap route here and just throw in some plexiglass (the others also have plexiglass). The windows would have most likely originally been glass, opening windows back when the milk house was in use, but I'm not seeing the need to open the windows very often. Plus, I can always upgrade to real windows later when I'm rich.

2. The walls are concrete, but they're covered in some kind of fiberboard. We ripped some off, and let's just say I wish we didn't.... (see picture) but I think I will go ahead and rip the rest off, a good power washing can take care of that glue and paint underneath there, right? And if not, it will add character (that's what people say when something just doesn't look good)

3. The ceiling in both rooms is wood paneling. It was originally painted white, but middle school Leah felt this was far too mundane (see picture). This is going to get power washed also and then repainted white, sorry younger self.

4. This should actually be number 1, priority wise. There are technically 3 rooms in the milk house, the first is the largest, I am planning on turning that into an office/work area. The second is slightly smaller and in worse condition, I am going to use that for sign storage. The last room is a small dirt floor area with a well, the well means water, the water means snakes, and snakes means I will be permanently blocking off that area forever. Just look at the picture, that room is where nightmares come from.

Thanks for stopping by! There's literally a list of 164 things to do, and this is just 4. So stay tuned!

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